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Viactiv Krankenkasse International | VIACTIV Krankenkasse

VIACTIV – your health insurance provider in Germany

Have you arrived in Germany recently, or are you planning to live here in future? Welcome! To make starting your life in Germany easier for you, we have summarised lots of practical information about living and working in this country for you on this page, as some things do not work the same way in Germany as they do in your home country.

Particularly important: your health insurance. As one of Germany's largest and most renowned statutory health insurance providers, VIACTIV specialises in insuring foreign nationals who live here. In the following, we explain what you have to keep in mind when it comes to health insurance, and help you to insure yourself properly, fast and uncomplicated.

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Health insurance is mandatory

In Germany, everyone must have health insurance. Statutory health insurance providers like VIACTIV usually insure employees, vocational trainees, pensioners and unemployed people. There are exceptions, for example anyone self-employed or civil servants.

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Health insurance bears the costs

As a statutory health insurance provider, VIACTIV pays for visits to a doctor or a dentist, vaccinations and also treatments in hospital. All you need to do is show your insurance card.

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Service for English-speaking residents

Regardless of whether you are still in your home country or already in Germany – you can reach us 24/7. If you have any questions or concerns, simply call our service number on 0800 222 12 11 (free from landlines in Germany). You can reach us from abroad on 0049 234 479-0; local charges apply. Our friendly and competent staff are looking forward to your call and are happy to help at all times.

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What does a health insurance provider actually do?

In Germany, health insurance is a legal requirement. This means that everyone who lives here must have health insurance. The major benefit: your health insurance company will usually pay for any medicines you need, your medical treatment and any stays in hospital, as health insurance companies are legally required to provide a certain level of healthcare for those who are insured with them. All you need to do to obtain health insurance from VIACTIV is to submit a completed application form. You can then use all of our services as soon as you have joined VIACTIV. You will also be covered at work if you get ill.

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And what makes VIACTIV so special?

With around 720,000 insured and over 180 years of experience in the healthcare industry, VIACTIV is one of Germany's largest and most renowned statutory health insurance providers. Satisfied VIACTIV customers above all appreciate the fact that they get excellent value for their money and a high-quality service.
Join us and put your trust in a partner that takes your concerns seriously and offers reliable support in all circumstances. You can use our first-class and personal services as soon as we have confirmed your membership.

Outstanding protection in all circumstances

You'd like to settle properly in Germany as soon as you can, and want to make sure that your family a successful future here? We'll help you along the way – fast and uncomplicated! As soon as you are insured with us, you can use our comprehensive healthcare and service offer. See below for a small selection of our outstanding services. Please refer to our flyer to learn more about the benefits you enjoy as someone insured with VIACTIV.

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Professional teeth cleaning

60 euros annual subsidy for consistent teeth prophylaxis by a professional.

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Up to 110 euros annual bonus for regular checkups and a healthy lifestyle.

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550 euros costs per year covered for certified sports and health courses such as yoga, pilates, running, etc.

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400 euros per year for the alternative treatment of back pain and many other ailments.

Insurance also covers your children and spouse free of charge

The VIACTIV health insurance company also takes good care of your family in Germany. Your health insurance policy also covers your spouse or children (family policy), provided they do not have any income of their own. Please do not hesitate to contact us!

Getting insured with VIACTIV – all it takes is three steps

It couldn't be simpler: it only takes three steps to join VIACTIV – there's no risk, and regardless of your previous medical history. We have prepared everything for you. Let's start!

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Submit completed application form

Simply complete our online application form or print it out and send it to us in the post. We are also happy to help you with the completion of the form over the telephone – simply call our free service number.

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Check and confirmation

We will check your documents as soon as we have received them and then confirm your membership in writing.

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Using health insurance card

You will receive your electronic health insurance card as soon as we have received your photo. You can then use it straight away to see a doctor, get vaccinated and for all other services.

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