Therapeutic measures

By therapeutic measures we mean services that are intended to help cure an illness, ease symptoms or prevent the illness from progressing. There are a variety of therapeutic measures.

Occupational therapy can help when movement, senses, the mind or perception are impaired through illnesses. Therapists use play-based, functional, mechanical and creative techniques. But patients are also, for example, supported with exercises to help with everyday living – for example getting dressed and undressed independently or eating with a knife and fork.

Examples of this are massages, physiotherapy, inhalations, baths and heat and cold applications.

If, as a result of Diabetes mellitus, you have a pathological change to your foot, (diabetic foot syndrome), podiatric therapy is a possible option. If without this therapy you would suffer lasting complications to your feet, such as infections and impaired wound healing, you ought to consider chiropodial measures.

In voice therapy, adjustments are made to breathing, volume, diction and swallowing processes. In this way, it is intended that the ability to communicate by voice be improved or restored. Speech therapy boosts diction and the rate of speaking. Thus speech capacity can be improved or restored. In language therapy, speech intelligibility and comprehension are built up again and the spoken language trained and preserved.