Sickness benefit

Your VIACTIV will pay your sickness benefit if you are unable to work for an extended period of time owing to illness. As a rule, this is from the seventh week after the first sick note is issued. If you become unable to work due to illness, your employer normally continues to pay your salary for up to six weeks.

If you continue to be signed off after this, we pay you sickness benefit. The sickness benefit is 70% of your last gross income up to the assessment threshold, as a maximum, however, 90% of your net income.

We also pay half of your contributions to pension insurance, unemployment and long-term care insurance out of the sickness benefit. And: while you are receiving sickness benefit, you do not need to make any health insurance contributions.

Our tip for you: some employers make an extra payment towards your sickness benefit and thus compensate for the difference from the net salary. Ask your employer whether they also make this extra payment.