Becoming a mother is an exciting time during which, naturally, we support you. It goes without saying that we cover the costs of your regular medical check-ups. This includes also the optional AIDS antibody test.

We also pay in full the costs of further medical care, midwife assistance, all prescribable drugs, surgical dressings and therapeutic measures along with the costs of a hospital delivery. If complications occur during your pregnancy and no one else living in your household is able to keep house for you, you will receive domestic help from us.

For antenatal exercises, we pay the amount specified by the Ordinance on Midwife Fees (Hebammengebührenverordnung). Six weeks before and eight weeks after the birth we pay employed women maternity benefit; the employer pays the difference from the net salary. In the event of premature or multiple births, the period following the birth extends to twelve weeks.

We have lots of things to offer parents-to-be and families. Why not have a look at our webpage for families (in German)!