Long-term care insurance – well cared for all round

Often, age, illness or disability cause the “normal” things in life to become insuperable obstacles.  Here, long-term care insurance not only supports people who are having problems coping with their everyday life, but also their dependents. By joining the VIACTIV you will automatically become a member of the long-term care insurance scheme.

Who is insured?

Since 1 January 1995, long-term care insurance has been automatically applicable to all persons who have compulsory or voluntary statutory health insurance. Spouses and children entitled to maintenance who are on the family insurance are also covered.

The usual and regularly occurring tasks include

Including washing, showering, bathing, combing, tooth care, shaving, emptying of the bladder and bowels

Preparation of bite-sized food, or feeding

e. g. getting up, going to bed, getting dressed and undressed, standing and walking,  climbing stairs or leaving the house

e. g. shopping and cooking

Who is in need of care?

The Act on Nursing Care (Pflegegesetz) defines those in need of care as people who require help…

  • because of a physical, mental or psychological illness or disability,
  • for usual and regularly occurring daily tasks,
  • on a permanent basis, probably though for at least six months,
  • to a considerable or high degree.

You would like further information?

Order our brochure on long-term care. (In German)