You need to go to hospital? The VIACTIV will cover the following costs for you: accommodation, food, medical treatment, nursing care, provision of all necessary drugs, therapeutic measures and aids and appliances along with all required examinations. All you will need to pay is the statutory co-payment of €10 per day (maximum of 28 days).

If, in the event of an unplanned stay in hospital (e.g. in an emergency) you need to make a co-payment straightaway but do not have any money with you, your VIACTIV will help you out.

Because for us, it is your recovery and not your money that is most important! 
Previously, you were asked to make the statutory co-payment of €10 per day directly at the hospital. This has now changed: your VIACTIV will deal immediately with the co-payment for the hospital. Only once you have been discharged from hospital will we ask you to make the statutory co-payment.

  • We can provide you with rapid, up-to-date information about your hospital payments.
  • You have a direct contact in us and do not have to go via third parties.
  • When applying for exemption from co-payment in accordance with § 62 of the Social Code (SGB) V you do not need any separate receipts for the hospital co-payments already made, because the co-payment information is already available to us.

And: We save on administrative costs, because there are no transfers and settling of bills between us and the healthcare providers – in this way we all get something good out of it!