Dentist and dental prostheses

You have a free choice among the statutory health insurance-authorised dentists. Regarding the costs of dental prostheses, we pay the statutory allowance for standard care for dental prostheses. Costs over and above this (for example for higher-quality ceramic veneers) you pay yourself.

The amount we pay increases by 20 % if you have made use of the opportunity to have a preventive check-up regularly once per year over the past 5 years (children and teenagers under 18 years: every six months). It increases by a further 10 % (therefore a total of 30 %) if you can prove you have had 10 years of continuous preventive medical check-ups.

For some people, for example students receiving benefits in accordance with the German Federal Law on Support in Education (BaföG), and in the case of low income, the VIACTIV helps out: we pay double the fixed allowance for standard care in the case of prostheses.

You can easily calculate your co-payment amount using our Calculator for Co-payments.