Voluntary insurance

The advantages of voluntary statutory health insurance:

  • Your contribution is calculated on the basis of your earnings;
  • Your age and gender do not play a role;
  • Your family is insured with you free of charge as long as your dependents do not have their own income;
  • Insurance cover starts as soon as you become a member;
  • Risk premiums or benefit exclusions? Not with us;
  • Easy billing and payment for your services using the chip card – no advance financing by you is required;
  • Affordable insurance cover – even if you are retired!

Voluntary health insurance is the option for those who:

  • are not subject to the normal insurance obligation;
  • have left the family insurance plan;
  • meet the requirement of a specified period of previous insurance with a statutory health insurance fund.

To be able to take out voluntary insurance, particular conditions must be fulfilled:

If you have had continuous membership of a statutory health insurance fund in the past twelve months you have fulfilled this condition.

Are you unable to provide evidence of this year? Then there is an exception to the rule: if in the last five years you have been member of a statutory health insurance fund for at least two years, you can still take out voluntary insurance with us.

A further condition for voluntary insurance being taken out with our VIACTIV is that you have given notice to your previous statutory health insurance fund in the proper manner. The notice period stipulated by law is 2 calendar months to the end of the month.

If, for example, you terminate your employment in which you are compulsorily insured and subsequent to this would like to insure yourself voluntarily, you must make your application for voluntary insurance within three months of your compulsory insurance terminating. If this deadline has lapsed, unfortunately you are no longer able to insure yourself voluntarily. The same applies to all other statutory health insurance funds.

Your voluntary insurance begins immediately your previous insurance comes to an end. No gap ensues. You are therefore well protected at all times and can, if the worst comes to the worst, take advantages of all services provided by the VIACTIV.