Unemployed people

Even if you are currently unemployed and receiving unemployment benefit or a subsistence payment, you still have good insurance cover with us.

As a recipient of Arbeitslosengeld I you are insured through the German Federal Employment Agency (Bundesagentur für Arbeit), whilst as a recipient of Arbeitslosengeld II you are insured through the Jobcenter or the ‘Labour Community’ (Arbeitsgemeinschaft/ARGE). The latter pay the contributions to your health and long-term care insurance. It is simply important that you register correctly.
All services are available to you, although a distinction must be now drawn here between recipients of ALG I and ALG II: a recipient of ALG I is entitled to sickness benefit, whilst a recipient of ALG II is not entitled to this (reduced contribution rate for health insurance is 14.9%).

I have a job again. What happens now with my membership?

The employment agency (Arbeitsamt) will automatically de-register you with us. 

You will need a certificate of membership to present to your new employer so that he can re-register you with us. For this, a call from you is sufficient in which you tell us when you will start and with which employer. 
We will deal with everything else and send the membership certificate direct to your new employer!