Senior citizens’ duty to obtain insurance is subject to special arrangements: Pensioners’ health insurance. Around 9.35 million pensioners belong to it - that is almost 90% of all pensioners. A further 570,000 pensioners are voluntarily or privately insured. But still, another 720,000 pensioners do not belong to any statutory or private health insurance scheme. What about you?

Compulsorily insured pensioner or voluntary insurance?

After applying for your pension, the question arises for you of how you are to be insured now or later as a pensioner. It is important to know that for health and long-term care insurance, a distinction is drawn between compulsorily insured and voluntarily insured pensioners.

In order to be included in Pensioners’ Health Insurance (Krankenversicherung der Rentner (KVdR)) you must have met the requirement of a particular previous insurance period.
This means that in the second half of your working life up until applying for your pension you need for 90% of this to have been a member of a statutory health insurance fund. Here it is completely irrelevant whether you have been an independent member or been included on statutory family insurance. Periods of insurance with former social insurance insurers in the new federal states also count.

Should you have not been a member of a statutory health insurance fund for a long period, you do not fulfil the conditions for the Pensioners’ Health Insurance (KVdR). You may then, however, take out voluntary health insurance with us as a pensioner if you meet the previously insured period requirements. There are, however, further reasons why the Pensioners’ Health Insurance (KVdR) may not apply:

  • You are continuing to work despite having been granted a pension, and hold compulsory insurance through your job.
  • You are full-time self-employed.
  • You are working as a civil servant.
  • You have had yourself made exempt from Pensioners’ Health Insurance within 3 months of the start of the obligation to obtain insurance.

If you are already a member with us, enter VIACTIV on your pension application. Everything else happens automatically and as normal: half of the amount determined is paid by you and half by the pension insurance provider. Your share of the contribution is deducted directly and forwarded to us.

If you are already drawing a pension, you may of course still become a member with us.