First employment or change of job

First employment

As soon as you enter paid employment you are required to insure yourself. Here you have the choice between statutory and private health insurance.
With statutory health insurance (gKV (gesetzlichen Krankenversicherung)) the contribution is calculated on the basis of one’s earnings and there is a uniform contribution rate of 15.5% (voluntary members who have no right to sickness benefit: 14.9%). 
In addition, the family (as long as the conditions are met) is also insured without needing to pay a contribution and you need neither to pay risk premiums nor make pre-payments.
When you start your job you can become a member with us straightaway. Simply tell your employer the health insurance fund you have chosen.

Change of job

In the event of a change of job, the customer as a general principle remains a member of his old health insurance fund unless he has cancelled his membership, adhering to the 18-month period of commitment.
At the beginning, the customer provides his new employer with a certificate of membership from his health insurance fund. If he does not do this within 2 weeks of starting work, the employer must register the employee with the health insurance fund with which he was most recently a member.

Solidarity principle

The contribution in statutory health insurance is levied according to the solidarity principle. That means that the contribution is based on the financial capacity of the insured and that the latter then pays a certain percentage of his gross income. The insured receives all services deemed medically necessary, regardless of the level of the contributions paid [Principle: “One for all, all for one.”]