VIACTIV – Health for every situation

Are you just starting an apprenticeship, have you just started a family or are you entering retirement?  Or are you in the process of changing your job?

For every situation certain conditions apply in relation to health insurance, and you ought to know these.

On the following pages we have made the most important things easy for you to understand. Because we think that understanding and knowing provides reassurance.

As soon as you enter paid employment you are required to insure yourself. Here you have the choice between statutory and private health insurance.

The advantages of voluntary statutory health insurance:

At university matriculation, students are told: No health insurance = no student ID. We can provide you with the necessary evidence for this in a jiffy. You simply need to know what type of insurance is an option for you:

Senior citizens’ duty to obtain insurance is subject to special arrangements: Pensioners’ health insurance. Around 9.35 million pensioners belong to it - that is almost 90% of all pensioners. A further 570,000 pensioners are voluntarily or privately insured. But still, another 720,000 pensioners do not belong to any statutory or private health insurance scheme. What about you?