Your photo for the electronic health card

Have you already submitted your photo for the electronic health card? You have a variety of options for how to do this: 

  • Upload the photo direct
  • Visit our eKiosk in our service centres in Bochum, Rüsselsheim or Lübeck
  • Send us your photo by post – please don’t forget to put your name, health insurance number and your date of birth on your photo. 

We are writing to all customers from whom we have not yet received a photo. If your photo submission crosses with our reminder letter, you don’t need to do anything. 

We need your photo!

In order to issue the new electronic health card, the health insurance funds need a photo from every insured person, on which the latter can be recognised without any doubt. This guards against fraudulent use by unauthorised third parties in the event of loss of the card.

A health insurance card without a photo is given only to children who have not yet turned 15 and insured persons for whom it is not possible to take a photo (e. g. they are requiring of nursing care). So that you can be sure that your photo can be used for the new card without any problems, it ought - in the same way as passport photographs – to meet the following requirements:

Format Portrait format, without a border or rounded corners (35 x 45 mm) Face height should correspond to approx. 70 to 80% of the photo (32 to 36 mm) Face centrally positioned
Colour Black and white or coloured
Quality Sharp, clear and high-contrast, Photo print free from kinks and dirty marks
Illumination Even, without reflections, shadows or red eyes
Background Neutral, single-coloured and with a clear contrast to the face and hair, no further people or objects should be visible
Position of head Frontal (not profile)
Facial expression Neutral; looking at the camera
Eyes Open and fully visible
Wearers of glasses Edge of lenses or frame must not obscure the eyes, Eyes must be clearly and distinctly visible (no reflections on the lenses, no tinted lenses or sunglasses)
Headgear As a general principle, headgear is not permitted. Exceptions are members of religious communities/orders who, in accordance with their religions, are obliged not to show themselves in public without a head covering. In these cases, the following should be noted: the face must be recognisable from chin to forehead and there must be no shadows on the face.

For unequivocal identification, the front of your new health card will contain your photo. The legal basis for this is § 291 of the Social Code (SGB V). To produce the card, therefore, it is necessary for the VIACTIV to save your photo in digitalised form. Your digitalised picture data will be used solely for the production of the electronic health card and archived for the duration of the insured period plus 3 months. Unfortunately it is not possible to return the picture after processing.

How can I submit my photo?

There are several options for getting your photo to us:

Have you, your friends or relatives got a digital camera? Then send us your photo in digital form. On our website we have set up a free online photo forwarding facility for you. Click here to go to Online Photo Forwarding.

For registration, only the health insurance fund number and your health insurance number together with your date of birth are required. Simply click on Online Photo Forwarding and upload the photo.


At our sites in Bochum (Universitätsstraße), Lübeck and Rüsselsheim an "eKiosk" is available. Here, those people insured with us can create a photo for the electronic health card (eGK).

The only thing you need to bring with you is your current health insurance card. Operation is easy and customers are offered a choice of German, English, Greek or Turkish. This service is also free of charge for people insured with us!