What the electronic health card (eGK) can do

Your electronic health card is a personalised identity card for making use of services provided by the statutory health insurance fund (gesetzlichen Krankenkasse (GKV)). The card is equipped with a chip which makes it possible to save, retrieve or change data. The 1st generation electronic health cards (eGK) store your administrative data (mandatory applications) - name, date of birth, gender and your address. In addition, it saves your data concerning your health insurance, such as your health insurance number and insurance status.

You yourself determine what data is stored alongside the mandatory data (optional data: emergency information and medical report).

A look at the future of the electronic health card (eGK)

In a second stage, the electronic health card will be equipped with an online connection facility – probably in 2016. Then, the 2nd generation electronic health cards (eGK) can process the data and information like a minicomputer using a microprocessor chip. Only when it has the online connection facility has the electronic health card (eGK) achieved its full functionality

This includes: electronic prescription, drug documentation, electronic patient file including the diagnoses, data about medical findings, X-rays and laboratory findings, but also living wills or the consent to organ donation. 

When the electronic health card (eGK) is used for online operation, it will be necessary to enter a PIN number. You will receive your personal PIN number from us in good time prior to online operation.

No one can access the voluntary data on your electronic health card without your consent. Protection of your health data is top priority!