The co-payments are set by law and are uniform nationwide. As a rule, insured people are charged a co-payment of 10% of the costs for all services, a minimum of €5, but a maximum of €10. Below €5 the actual price must be paid. Children and teenagers who have not yet turned 18 are exempt from co-payments (exceptions: travel costs, orthodontics and dental prostheses).

Drugs and surgical dressings 10% of the costs, min. €5, max. €10
Travel and transport costs 10% of the fare, minimum €5, max. €10
Hospital treatment, follow-up treatment €10 per day
In-patient care and rehabilitation, outpatient rehabilitation services €10 per day
Therapeutic treatments (e.g. massages, baths) 10% of the costs + €10 per prescription
Aids and appliances (e.g. incontinence products) 10% per pack, max. €10/month Nursing care at home
Social therapy, domestic help daily 10 % of the costs, min. €5, max. €10 + €10 per prescription

1) for a maximum of 28 calendar days.
2) the first time the service is used without letter of referral. No co-payment for immunisations and preventive check-ups.